Saying Goodbye

This is the most likely the most difficult post I’ll ever write. The decision to post this has been a hard one that I’ve thought about over the last two months and one that I’ve been putting off in the hopes that its not a reality. However, I think its important that my followers understand the dedication I have to the HIV/AIDS cause and where that passion comes from.  On January 16th, 2014 my brother, Festus, lost his battle. I started this blog years ago as a silent dedication to him and continued it as a tribute to all those who had suffered at the hands of this awful disease.  Saying goodbye is never easy, but I will continue my journey as an HIV/AIDS advocate; pushing for research, propagating information and rallying for support of the millions of other fighters and their families around the world.  
You will forever be in our hearts. Rest in Peace. 


Help Me Save Lives

Hi Friends, Family and Readers!

In just FIVE days I'll be participating in the AIDS Walk and 5K Run in Boston to help raise awareness and money. I would love your support on this issue.  Every little bit counts. 
Each dollar you donate helps AIDS Action Committee fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. You'll be supporting their vital prevention efforts and direct services to people living with HIV.

Thank you for supporting me always, but especially in this challenge; we really can make a difference!

If saving lives isn't enough of an incentive, for every $10 you donate, you are entered to win a 16GB WiFi iPad 2! This is an ongoing promotion. The winner will be pulled on 6/21.

Thanks for your support!


Ladyblabla: Update Your Phone, Save Lives

Love this initiative from the folks at Mint Digital (such an awesome group, check them out if you haven't already). 

Ladyblabla is a smartphone comparison site created for a charity called mothers2mothers- an organization that trains local, HIV positive mothers, to be mentors for new mothers. The mentor moms use smartphones to help moms-to-be reduce the risk of HIV transmission to their babies by monitoring their clinic appointments, keeping up with their medications, accessing medical records and monitoring test results.  (read more on how it works here)

Every smartphone sold on Ladyblabla, pays for a mothers2mothers smartphone contract for a month.  I love this; shop for the best deals on smartphones and save lives while you're at it. I also love how empowering the mothers2mothers model is. So amazing and inspiring. 

Bravo Mint & m2m!


World AIDS Day 2011

Today is World Aids Day. In 1987 the Names Project Foundation started the initiative to create a quilt to remember loved ones who had fallen victim to AIDS, heighten awareness about the (then) new illness and inspire action in people. The quilt weighed 54 tons and was composed of more than 47,000 panels dedicated to more than 90,000 individuals around the world. Today that quilt is a representation of how far we have come in this fight. But its not over. The digital quilt initiative, put into action with the help of the ad agency I work for, is a reminder that there is so much more work to be done, but that there are always little ways that you as an individual can become part of a global movement. Show your love and support and become a part of something big today. Show compassion, remember with love, and do not judge. ♥

Below is an image of the piece of the quilt I made this morning. Make your own at http://www.2015quilt.com/

The original AIDS memorial quilt in Washington DC in 1987.


How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Extremely insightful infograph I happened upon today and thought I'd share! This was initiated by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, when he decided he wanted to find out which Non Profits used social media in the most effective manner. Causes gain traction through conversations, and now, more than ever, those conversations are taking place via online platforms. Its important to understand how to best utilize social media, when to use it and what specific platforms are the most appropriate to use in order to maximize the effect of of your efforts. Best of all, most of it is free!

How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


The Power Antiretroviral Drugs

Wow.  I stumbled upon this recently and was literally moved to tears.  Its beautiful work done by The Topsy Foundation, it was also a winner for TED's "Ads Worth Spreading" contest.

The message of ARVs is definitely an important one.  But more needs to be done in order to make these life saving drugs more accessible and more importantly, affordable to people around the world.  

The Girl Effect

As if Wieden + Kennedy doesn't do enough amazing work....

Here's work from the Nike Foundation called the "Girl Effect".

This is beautiful advertising.  People don't feel harassed by it, in fact, they're compelled to share it.  Cudos to W+K and Nike.